The 12South Neighborhood will host the Annual 12South Winter WarmUp on Saturday December 3rd, 2016 at Sevier Park starting with the Kids 1K run at 7:00AM followed by the 6K and 12K at 8:00AM. This is a closed-course road race through the scenic & historic 12South Neighborhood with timing and event management by Start 2 Finish. You can pick your level of challenge by signing up for the 6K (3.7 miles) or 12K distance (7.4 miles).

Come spend the day in the wonderful 12South Neighborhood!

********RACE BENEFACTOR******

The Annual 12South Winter Warm Up will benefit Hands On Nashville Home Energy Savings Project. Hands On Nashville connects volunteers to critical issues facing the Middle Tennessee community - like hunger, homelessness and environmental issues. Hand On Nashville's Home Energy Savings (HES) Program engages volunteers in improving the energy efficiency, comfort, and safety of homes owned and occupied by low-income Nashville Homeowners. On average HES volunteers reduce homeowner's utility bills by 16%, which is an annual savings of $455 dollars.


The Annual 12South Winter WarmUp run Kids Run will benefit Waverly Belmont, Glendale and Julia Green Elementary Schools. The Kids Run will be a closed-course road race around Sevier Park (3/4 of a mile) and take place at 7:00am, just before the main race. All children ages 5-13 are encouraged to participate and parents are welcome to run with their children. To get everyone stretched and in the spirit, a pre-race warm-up session will be lead by the Waverly-Belmont PE teacher.

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